UNBROKEN REVIVE was created in 2019 as a statement to embrace downfalls and experience growth. When we fail, we feel broken, in reality we’re unbroken. It’s just one of life’s problems that we will have to decide as individual’s to grow from. That’s what makes UNBROKEN REVIVE a lifestyle apparel brand. It’s a choice to grow and revive ourselves into our greatest version. Our motto, REVIVE THE BROKEN, stands for reviving spirits to create new beginnings. Rebuilding and expanding from the norm.


Deeper Into The Story.. 

I started UNBROKEN REVIVE at 17-years old in my room at my moms house. The name was inspired by a rough time in my life where I was facing a lot of obstacles. I felt broken and wanted to be revived from my circumstances. I asked myself, "What represents me?" and that's when it came to me. I instantly started spending all hours of the day creating designs, logos and researching.

At the time, I was working a job that earned tips. I saved all my tip money to purchase my first heat press, vinyl cutter and vinyl. I could never forget that immediate feeling of seeing my very first design printed on a hoodie. From there, I couldn't stop. I began to fall in love with my brand and created immensely. 

Over the years of owning the brand I've been through many different phases but that brand still carried the same message. I've created custom gear, exotic streetwear, very simplistic streetwear and finally, as I've grown, I've gotten to the place where I want to be within my brand. A place where I feel comfortable to scale the brand. 

I say all this for the next person who may feel lost, stagnant and not sure of where to go next. Understand things take time and that this is the moment to experiment and see what makes you happy. Enjoy the journey, live and create. UNBROKEN REVIVE represents growth and growth is all apart of the journey. I've spent years growing and been through many situations that I didn't understand at the time but those situations molded me into who I am today. 

My biggest goal with UNBROKEN REVIVE is to motivate, inspire and change lives. I hope that you find a piece(s) that represent you, a piece(s) that makes you feel confident. Know when you support the brand, you are supporting you. Take the time to understand the meaning behind the brand and the meaning behind each piece. 


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